Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction – Rectify Errors in the Certificate (Different Methods)

In this article, we will provide you with all the details regarding the correction in the Cowin certificate. The procedure of Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction is available online mode. You can correct your name, phone number, and address, etc. For this, you can visit the official website of Cowin India. The link to open the web page is Besides these, you can also make corrections to your date of birth. Basically, the errors related to your personal identity can be corrected.

As almost all the countries have seen the impacts of this Coronavirus. Thus, if you are planning to go out for a foreign trip. Then, you must have a valid certificate for your vaccination. This has created a necessity to keep your certificate free of any errors. At airports of both countries, you will have to present your vaccination certificate. Moreover, the details should match with the details on your passport. So, today we will provide you with step-wise instructions to make corrections to this certificate. Kindly read this article till last.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction

A few days back, the Aarogya Setu announced that individuals can now make corrections to their vaccination certificates. They announced the news through the Twitter platform. After that, tabs to rectify errors in the certificate were provided on the official website. Moreover, the option was made available in the official application as well. So, now you can visit to correct your personal details.

However, the government has set a limit on the number of errors that you can correct. You are only allowed to correct your name, Gender, photo ID number, and your contact details. Your contact details can include your mobile number, e-mail address, and your address. Moreover, you can also make corrections to your passport details as well. Kindly note that these corrections will be made only in your certificate and not in any other document. So, keep your details the same as your original documents to avoid discrepancies.

COVID Vaccination Certificate Correction

As per the latest news, the government will provide the RT-PCR Covid Test Report. These reports will be now available on the Cowin website. This will make your traveling much easier. Further, the ZyCoV-D Needle-Free vaccine will be available in India soon. This vaccine is especially for kids. Besides that, the Russian vaccine Sputnik Light is also available since August. The special thing about this vaccine is that it only requires one dose. Here follow the below procedure to Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction.

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Procedure to rectify errors in a Vaccination certificate

Now you can make corrections to your Cowin certificate. The official website will now have a tab to rectify errors. You can use this option to make corrections in your name, gender, photo ID number, and date of birth. Moreover, there is another tab that you can use to verify your certificate. This will save you from fake certification. However, this website is totally under government control. Thus, they would never provide you any invalid or fake certificate. But, it is totally your responsible to check your certificate for any errors. So, if you have found any mistake in your certificate. Then, you are at the right place. Here you will find the step-by-step procedure to rectify those errors.

Note – Please note that you will get only one chance to correct your details. So, please go ahead very carefully to Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction.

  1. First of all, go to the official website or application of Cowin India. You can click on this link to directly open the portal.
  2. Then, you will see the main interface of the website. You can also look at the picture below for reference.official website of cowin India
  3. After that, log in with your mobile number or your email address.login with your mobile number
  4. Here you will see the details of all the members registered on this number.
  5. Then, click on the option to Raise an Issue. After that, you will have to select the name of the member.Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction and Update Process
  6. Following this, select the option to make corrections to the errors.Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction - Raise an Issue
  7. Now make the required corrections. There you are allowed to edit your name, gender, date of birth, and your photo ID number.Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction Online Form
  8. Make sure to fill in the details correctly.
  9. After this, click on continue to proceed.
  10. Then, your changes will appear in front of you. You can check the details on your certificate

Procedure to verify your vaccination certificate

In case if you are planning to visit any foreign country. Then, you should fulfill the two basic requirements. First, you will have to get completely vaccinated. Then, you should have a valid vaccination certificate. This is why you should check the authenticity of your certificate. This option is also available on the Cowin India official website. The procedure is really easy and you can follow it through your mobile itself. So, follow the simple instructions below to verify your certificate.

  • First of all, visit the official website of Cowin India. You can click on this link to directly open the portal.
  • Then, you will see the main interface of the website. You can also look at the picture below for reference.official website of cowin India
  • After that, click on the option to verify your certificate.
  • This will open another tab on your screen. Then, you will see an option to scan the QR code.scan the QR code.
  • Click on that option and a notification will pop up to activate your device’s camera.
  • So, now point the camera to the QR code of your certificate. This code is located at the bottom right corner of your certificate.
  • Keep the following points in your mind while scanning the QR code.
    • Firstly, the QR code should cover at least 70%-80% of your device’s screen.
    • Second, a complete QR code should be within the camera frame.
    • Third, the QR code should be parallel to the camera.
    • And lastly, hold the camera steadily for at least 5 sec.
  • If your camera will be unable to read the QR code within 45 seconds. Otherwise, a message will appear on your screen saying “Camera is not able to read the QR code, please try again”. Moreover, a try again button will also be available.
  • After this, you will see a message “verified successfully”. Along with this, you will see the basic details of your certificate on the screen. The verified certificate will look like the reference image below.verified successfully

Contact Details (Helpline Number)

However, we have provided you with all the necessary details about rectifying errors in the vaccination certificates. If the details are still wrong. Then, you can contact the Cowin helpline number. Find the helpline number and the link to reach other contact details below.

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